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Kelly Giesler is an educator with 20+ years in the public and private sectors. Her career began in Buffalo, New York where she obtained a B.S. in Education. While in Buffalo, Kelly worked as a corporate educator. As a corporate educator she oversaw the design and implementation of training solutions to migrate companies to new software platforms. As part of her experience, Kelly was able to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer in several of Microsoft products.

Her travels have taken her from New York to Virginia. While in Virginia, Kelly taught elementary school in Prince William County Public Schools in Virginia. In between years in the traditional classroom, Kelly served as a mentor on an elite high school robotics team for Prince William County Public Schools. As a mentor, Kelly worked with the student-led team to help them with community outreach, sponsorships, events, and competitions. As part of Kelly’s time with ILITE Robotics Team, she was a part of the US STEM Foundation and F.I.R.S.T., both non-profits that have missions to grow STEM in the community.

Kelly has also served on several community boards such as her homeowner’s association board and chaired a task force to help her community fight intrusive power lines. Kelly worked with other neighborhoods to work with both state and federal legislators to halt high voltage power lines running through her neighborhood of approximately 3,000 homes.

Kelly now lives in Florida where she works as a freelance contractor writing curriculum/lessons and delivering training for both the public and private sector.

She feels it is important to give back and looks for opportunities to serve her communities, both past and present. Mental health and wellness is an area that touches every life and one that does not have enough champions nor enough resources.

Kelly has been married for 30 years and has two amazing daughters. Both girls are pursuing their dreams in the D.C. area. She loves to read, travel, stay fit, play golf, and enjoys time with family and friends.

Kelly Giesler
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